Are you bothered by your double chin?? BELKYRA™ may be the solution for you!

BELKYRA™ helps to improve the appearance of your chin profile right here in the office! BELKYRA™ is the first and only non-surgical treatment in Canada for improvement of the appearance of fullness in the area under the chin. Fullness under the chin is a common, yet undertreated, concern that impacts a range of adults, both women and men! The cause of a double chin in primarily genetics, however aging and weight changes can affect a double chin as well!

BELKYRA™ provides permanent effects from a simple and quick procedure – very similar to a BOTOX® treatment!

If you are bothered by your double chin, you are not alone! 67% of people said they are bothered by fullness under their chin and 95% of the people who have received BELKYRA™ say that this treatment is worth it!

Call the office today to book your free consultation to see if BELKYRA™ is right for you!



“Belkyra was easier than my Botox treatment and I already see results after two treatments!” – Anonymous


BELKYRA™ is a trademark of Kythera Biopharmaceuticals, Inc., an Allergan affiliate, used under license by Actavis Specialty Pharmaceuticals Co.

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