“Dr. Insley has not just helped me with Botox, she has also listened intently with compassion and care at my stories of trials and hardships, as well as happy stories. She is such a sweetheart and I truly love her to death. She is so reasonable with her Botox prices. I’m so glad she started up on her own. I hope she continues to keep me looking younger for years to come.” – Brenda


“Dr. Insley is fantastic. I have found her expertise to be top-notch, not only in educating on treatments available but also in explaining why something may not be a great fit for me, while providing alternate solutions. I wouldn’t trust my face to any other clinic!” – Anonymous


“Dr. Insley knows her stuff. I have confidence in what she recommends and I’ve never been disappointed!” – Pat


“My experience with Dr. Insley and her staff has been absolutely fantastic! I always feel treated like a friend and they all truly care about my experience and results, and I always love the results!” – Anonymous


“I just love Dr. Insley. She is smart, personable, and a whole lot of fun! She does wonderful things for my wrinkles and my headaches! I look forward to seeing her here at her clinic for years to come!” – Dionne

“I was nervous to try Botox, but Dr. Insley calmed my nerves and made me comfortable with her “less is more” approach. I loved the outcome and did not feel overdone. Thanks for taking great care of me and making me pretty.” – Elise


“From your first day of opening to the present day I have loved every visit with you. I have two services done here, Botox and fillers. I am 58 years old and embrace my age. Botox helps me feel more vibrant and refreshed. I have fillers in my lips and it is done with a light, subtle touch. I end up with a beautiful natural look. Thank you for all that you do to help me feel more youthful!” – Heather


“I was hesitant to go and do anything with my face! Dr. Insley was so energetic and made me feel so calm and relaxed. She was honest as to what would be beneficial and what probably wouldn’t be at my age. I thought I would need more or different treatments and she steered me in the appropriate direction. No oversell or overdone! Very sweet and pleased! Thank you!” – Diana

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