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Dr. Kristyn Insley M.D., C.C.F.P.

Medical Director
Dr. Kristyn Insley is the passionate founder and Medical Director for Dr. K. Insley Medical Aesthetics. She completed her Medical Doctorate Degree at the University of Saskatchewan and has been practicing Medical Cosmetics for over 10 years. Further, Kristyn has attended several courses and training sessions with leading cosmetic physicians in North America, including Dr. Mauricio de Maio.

Dr. Kristyn Insley has always known that she wanted to help others to feel their best. This passion has been the driving force behind her successful cosmetic practice. Kristyn believes in providing natural looking results for her clients to help them feel like the best versions of themselves! Her love for life, beauty, and medicine has shaped her into the warm and caring cosmetic physician that she is today. One of Kristyn’s greatest values is honesty, which results in her only recommending treatments and products that she truly believes in and that she knows produces results.

Kristyn enjoys spending her time outside of work with her supportive fiance Jered and her loving pets. She has many interests, with travelling and cooking being at the top of her list! Kristyn loves to explore, socialize, and create happiness for those around her. Kristyn also places an emphasis on strengthening one’s mind and body, which stems from her strong passion for yoga.

Jazzmin, RN

Aesthetic Nurse
Jazzmin is the newest addition to the Dr. K. Insley Medical Aesthetics team, however she has five years experience as a Registered Nurse. Jazzmin has always been interested in cosmetics, and has been involved with aesthetics for the past four years. She is passionate about educating herself and others about the benefits of taking care of your skin and is excited to use products and treatments that are clinically tested and supported. Along with her fellow team members, Jazzmin is a perfectionist and has a strong desire to fulfil the needs and wants of her clients to ensure that they achieve the best results possible. Jazzmin is warm and engaging, and is well-liked by everyone that she comes into contact with.

Jazzmin’s favorite role is being a mother to her beautiful two-year-old, Scarlett, who she describes as “her world.” She loves spending time with her family. Jazzmin is also passionate about finding the perfect balance to a healthy life. As a result, she is a fitness enthusiast and enjoys travelling and staying busy.


Office Manager

Lana has been with Dr. K. Insley Medical Aesthetics for two years and is incredibly passionate about the cosmetic industry. Lana’s passion for her job resulted in a quick transition from receptionist to office manager. She is kind, positive, and warm-hearted, all characteristics that make a perfect manager! Lana enjoys educating herself and others about the products and services offered at Dr. K. Insley Medical Aesthetics, and is an excellent educator. She is extremely organized and detail-oriented, which has assisted Dr. Insley in successfully building her practice. Lana provides a loving and enthusiastic environment for the staff and clients!

Lana has a tremendous love for her family, and is first and foremost a mother and a wife. She is the proud mother of her two girls, and the loving wife of her husband Brian. Lana loves being involved in her children’s activities, and her favorite activity is going on family holidays. Fun fact, Lana loves fishing, however she will never touch or eat the fish!



Marie has brought joy and laughter to the office since she joined the team nine months ago. She is very caring and thoughtful, which makes her a wonderful addition to the team! Her positive, fun-loving demeanor is the perfect first impression for clients calling or entering the office. Marie’s main goal for herself is to ensure that people feel comfortable and safe enough to discuss any questions and concerns with her. Marie loves her job and takes her role very seriously, which is demonstrated in her continuous effort to increase her knowledge of the products and services offered at the office.

Marie loves spending time with her husband and children. Her favorite family activities include going to their beautiful cabin or travelling, with her absolute favourite travel spot being Hawaii .  Marie is also an avid Puggle lover, owning two of her own! In her spare time, Marie also loves to paint and refinish furniture, a hobby of hers for over 10 years.

Our physician-directed clinic and staff strive to provide each and every client with a warm, comforting oasis. Our goal is to help you feel more confident and refreshed, as well as to ensure that you feel accepted and appreciated by all members of our team! We strongly emphasize respect and honesty, and will provide each individual with honest recommendations for treatments and products that we know work. Further, we focus on interactive education to provide each client with beneficial information about how to appropriately treat and maintain your beautiful skin!

**As a friendly reminder, we want to provide you with some YOU time! As much as we love adorable children, our office is not child friendly. We kindly ask that you please do not bring any children to your appointment. **

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Saskatoon, SK   S7H 0R8


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