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Humans are living longer, healthier lives than ever before and want their outward appearance to reflect the youthful energy within. As we age, wrinkles form and appear by repeated contraction of the muscles, creating a less energized look. BOTOX COSMETIC® has revolutionized the way we treat and rejuvenate signs of aging. BOTOX COSMETIC® can be used to smooth lines, prevent wrinkles and improve skins overall texture.  BOTOX COSMETIC® treatments take only a few minutes, are virtually painless and require no anesthesia. BOTOX COSMETIC® is injected with a fine needle into specific muscles with only minor discomfort; the sensation has often has been described as a mosquito bite. Generally, it takes three to seven days for the BOTOX COSMETIC® to start taking effect, with the treatment taking full effect at two weeks.  BOTOX COSMETIC® treatments are performed by Dr. Insley and her registered nurses.  Dr. Insley has over ten years of experience and she believes in providing BOTOX COSMETIC® that produces a more natural looking result. Dr. Insley realizes that different people prefer different results, so she makes sure that she performs treatments with the client’s desired results in mind. Dr. Insley provides honest recommendations and complimentary consultations.  For more information on BOTOX COSMETIC®, please book your complimentary consultation. 

Botox with Dr. K. Insley
Botox with Dr. K. Insley

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